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Mobile Laser Tag Hire

Welcome to Extreme Laser Tag Hire.We supply and operate a state of the art mobile laser tag game.Our mobile laser tag hire game is perfect for any event and is a fun place to be!

With plenty of hiding places you can track down and tag your opponents gun with the laser beam from your gun.

The mobile laser tag arena (similar to laser bug, laser storm and quasar arena) consists of nine interlinking tunnels.

Which can be filled with fog and lighting effects to create a very fun and exciting atmosphere.Our arenas are run by trained operators for the duration of the booking to ensure safe use of the equipment and the maximum enjoyment of all guests at the event!. Extreme laser tag brings the party to your home, to view our delivery areas please view our locations page.

Book Laser Tag Hire For Your Event : Call us 07769200713

The Arena
The Game
Our Guns

The Arena

The inflatable Laser Tag Hire arena forms an all weather covered playing area of 35×40 foot.Most of its area is over 6 feet or 1.82 metre high. To enhance,visual effect of the lasers & to add to the excitement & the maze can be filled with futuristic sound using our 400 watt sound system,also light smoke & effects can be added if required.

The Game

The game is played in groups of upto 10 players either playing individually or as part of a team.After instructions by the Laser Tag Hire staff the players venture into the maze & battle it out. Playing gainst the opponents in what is by far the most adrenaline packed game we have.

Each player starts on the outside of the maze and has 30 second to hide after activating the countdown timer.The countdown is displayed as a numeric countdown on the Laser gun.

After the 30 seconds are up, the lazer gun will power up & activate your ammo & life cells.At this point the game will commence.Every time a player is shot an LED will light up and the gun will de activate for 4 seconds.At the end of the game the laser guns de-activate.Players make their way to the exit where our staff will be waiting to let them out.

The duration of the games can be anything from 1 minute to 99 minute.There is no limit to the amount of games that can be played in one hire session.Our staff will be only too happy to help with any technical assistance you may need throughout the day.

Our Guns

By far the most advanced laser tag guns on the market.Specially designed for the mobile system.The laser guns are highly sophisticated with many special features to enhance this exciting concept of laser tag.

The laser guns are designed to be used in a safe two handed grip and are specially weighted and balanced to give a realistic feel.The guns are designed in a way so they will only work when operated with two hands.With the aim of avoiding collisions.

The guns shoot highly accurate yet safe infra-red laser beams which are great under the effects of the fog machine.

The guns can be set up & run on an everyman for themselves basis or a team operations basis through varying stages of difficulty.

So even if you have the shooting ability of an imperial storm trooper there will be a game to suit you best.

Their clever internal speakers also produce the appropriate sound whenever you are fire,are shot,and at the end of the game..