Alien Laser Tag at the Expo

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Alien Laser Tag at the Expo

Laser tag hire events can be quite varied!From birthday parties to Student balls however we had a new first last week.We were invited to the Uk Games Expo which is aimed at individuals and families who are interested in games such as board games and role playing games.

We arrived and set up our laser tag arena in the car part of the Hilton Metropole in Birmingham early in the morning before the attendees arrived and we were assisted by a team of volunteers as the game format wasn’t simple laser tag.The laser maze is an all weather unit which means we can set up almost anywhere in almost any weather!Fortunately we were blessed with clear weather in Birmingham!

The game consisted of a senario based on entering an abandoned space ship with a SGT to lead the players into the fog filled maze.Awaiting the players were 2 aliens with amazing costumes who where there to hinder their progress.The players were led to a series of tasks that had to be carried out correctly all the time with aliens hindering their task.

Eventually a “government clean up crew” entered the maze and a laser gun battle started!After about 15 minutes the game ended and the players came out of the maze for a debrief.This was then repeated by each group coming through,each as excited and amazed as the last!

The games were really well received by the players and after an exhausting and thrilling three days of the expo it was time for us to pack away and head home!Here at Extreme Laser Tag we love new challenges so coming up the story line and combining our laser tag with this unique three day event was fantastic!


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