Birthday Laser Tag Hire Basingstoke

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Birthday Laser Tag Hire Basingstoke

This weekend at Extreme Laser Tag it was all hands  to the pump with 3 bookings in Hampshire West London and in Surrey. Sasha’s birthday party took place at his house in the heart of Hampshire. Calling it a house is quite an understatement, as we drove across a bride over a moat to gain access. This has  to be one of the most picturesque settings that we have set up our Mobile Laser Tag at. Once we had set up the  Laser dome the birthday boy Sasha and  all his friends were very eager to get going so the games began!!!!!! The first few games were all against all, where each contestant shoot or be shot by the opponents laser guns.  Shortly after the games began the sound of all the boys excitement was evident in the echos from inside the  laser maze! After a few rounds  of all against all Sasha decided that we were  going to play team games,  so the boys quickly arranged themselves into teams (green and  red team). Perhaps quickly wasn’t strictly accurate but we got there eventually.

The Laser Phasers were colour co-ordinated red and green so the boys knew who were friend and  foe. The team scores were remotely relayed onto the Led screen in  the Laser Tag  gun case, so on exit the players checked their team score.  The first few games were won by the greens and after a few goes at splitting the teams up to mix up the players it was time for the big kids to get involved i.e mum and dad! Mum very reluctantly joined after being press ganged into the Laser Tag game experience, however i am now sure we have a convert to playing laser tag!!!!!

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