Birthday Party Laser Tag Hire North London

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Birthday Party Laser Tag Hire North London

Recently the team from Extreme Laser Tag Hire took the trip to North London to provide the mobile Laser Tag for a boys birthday party. Even though the weather was not the best it had been recently as soon as the mobile laser tag arena was fully inflated the skies cleared and the sun was shining. On laser tag parties the birthday boy or girl gets to decide on the type of games that are to be played and today’s choice were team games. The party guests split into to teams red team and green team.

The birthday boy chose to be on red team and soon the first game was underway. Armed with the latest laser tag guns the children headed into the laser maze whilst the next teams formed up outside listening to the sounds of the game going on inside. With the first game drawing to an end the children raced out of the laser maze to find out that the red team were victorious! With the following games continuing in the same pattern for the rest of the party apart from right at the end the adults decided that it was time to play. After a quick briefing they were straight into the laser tag maze and I’m pretty sure they made more noise than the children!

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