Herefordshire Laser Tag Party for activity day

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Herefordshire Laser Tag Party

Another laser tag  booking took us to Kington. So that we could provide a Herefordshire Laser Tag Party. This was because our laser tag was booked by a church in Southampton. The reason being the church were having an away weekend. We arrived at duns field house to find a spectacular venue.

After locating a suitable area to set up the laser maze we went about unloading. we set up the laser tag on one of the lower lawns with amazing backdrop of the hills. As we had allowed plenty of time for the journey. The set up was done with lots of time to spare which built up the anticipation.

Setting up the Laser Tag

We decided with the group leaders that we would provide all against all games in the laser maze due the ease of getting lots of players in and out quickly. Proof of this is everybody like the chance to shoot their friends!  Finally all of the participants arrived at the laser maze. We did a group briefing to all of them at the beginning and then  we started the games.

In fact everyone was very eager the start especially once the first game had started. As on the outside you can hear everything that happens inside the maze including sounds of the laser guns shooting and you shot me!  We had been booked to provide two hours of laser games. And we were very busy the whole time with various groups battling it out against each other, even the group leaders.

Time for swimming

Finally our time drew to a close another amazing activity open up.  The heated swimming pool so at we packed away and headed to Hereford we could hear all the fun and games from the swimming pool.


Herefordshire Laser Tag Party

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