Laser Tag for Birthday Boy!

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Laser Tag for Birthday Boy!

We were asked to provide a laser tag for a birthday party in Battle,Hastings for a young man’s birthday party.The party was being held at a beautiful house and we set up on the tennis court which was next to the pool house!It was a cold day and it tried to snow but nothing stops the laser tag team.The maze is an all weather unit so we can run come rain,shine or snow!

We set up and got all the boys together for a saftey brief and a chat on how to use the guns.They are very simple to use,there is no body armour and you aim your gun at your oponents to score points!We got started very quickly and the boys went into the maze in groups of ten and had a great time!We can offer a wide range of game types including solo games,elimination games,team games a vampire game and even a birthday party game!Each gun has its own name so that every time a hit is scored the name of the scorer is displayed on a scrolling LED Screen which is situated outside of the maze.With individual and team scores the party guests are always thrilled to find out who has the top score!!

We had a great time with the party guests for two hours and the boys got loads of time in the maze playing with the guns.We can change the length of the games to suit the age of the players and the weather!It can get hot running around inside so we have to make sure they don’t get too tired!As we packed up and left the party boys were going to join the party girls and have a fun disco,good times!

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