Laser Tag Game Play

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Laser Tag Game Play

The game is best played in groups of between up to 10 players. The aim of the game is to venture into the maze & battle it out against the opponents in the inflatable laser maze. Each player starts on the outside of the maze. our staff will set the laser guns to the required game duration and  then players  have 30 second to hide after activating the count down timer, the count down is displayed via a  LED digital  inside side of the Laser gun.

After the 30 seconds are up, the lazer gun will power up & activate your ammo & life cells,  At this point the game will commence. Every time a player is shot  the LED score will register on the laser  gun and a small shock will be applied. At the end of the game the laser  guns deactivate and  players  leave the  laser tag maze.

The winner will be the player with the least amount of hits at the end of the game!
There is no limit to the amount of games that can be played in one hire session & our fully trained staff will be only too happy to help with any technical assistance you may need throughout the day.

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