Laser tag hire in Cambridge for freshers week

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Laser tag hire in Cambridge for freshers week

It’s Freshers Week in the world of universities and Extreme Laser Tag headed to Cambridge for their Party. Freshers Week is when all the new students get a chance to meet and mingle and join clubs. The Laser Tag was to be part of an event that included four live bands, a silent disco and hot dogs and burgers! We set our laser maze up in the refectory where the students eat. It was a lovely hall with huge panelled ceilings, and wooden floors. The multi chambered laser maze fitted in the room perfectly, and we set the laser guns up for the students. We had a system where we let two teams of players in the room and the rest queued up outside. This worked great as we knew who was due in next and could give the safety briefing.

Once the student received their safety brief they entered the laser maze armed with the laser guns and spent the next 5 minutes shooting each other. We has set the games up to be all against all as this is the most popular game type and from the noises that came from the laser maze it seemed like they were enjoying it! It was a great party, the students all had a fab time and really enjoyed themselves. Very quickly it was midnight and we were closing up, tired but really happy with the good vibes! Roll on the Summer Balls and partying all night!!!

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