Laser Tag in Wiltshire at Family Fun Day

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Laser Tag in Wiltshire

On a sunny Easter Saturday the Extreme Laser Tag Hire team travelled to Wiltshire to provide the laser tag in Wiltshire at a family fun day. We arrived before the event started and set up the maze in a large field space. Covering a space of around 35 by 40 foot and over 6 feet high it is an imposing figure! We set up our gazebo next to the maze and started preparing the guns!

Laser Tag Games

The laser phasers that we use are some of the newest on the market. Lightweight and easy to use we have all ages used the system. From toddlers to grandparents! The guns are designed to be used with two hands and will only work when both sensors are covered.There are also a number of different gaming options suitable for all events!


The Games Start

Some of the more popular are team games, zombie plagues and the fox and hound where you nominate someone (normally the birthday boy or girl or stag) and everyone has to “hunt” that player!

The guns keep score and after each game the players can check their score to see who won! The length of game can be changed depending on the heat, number of players and the age so the Extreme Laser Tag is literally suitable for everyone!

As soon as the family funday started people started flooding in and guests were thrilled to try out the laser maze! We kept the games at 5 minutes each so that the remaining players didn’t have to wait for too long! The kids (and a fair few parents!) were so excited and after a short introduction on how to use the guns and a safety brief and then they were off! With music blaring the users had a fantastic time inside the maze!

We ran the maze for the afternoon and were blessed with sunny weather all afternoon!


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