Laser Tag for Plymouth University

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Laser Tag for Plymouth University Political Sign up Day

There are lots of reasons why we have been booked to provide laser tag at events and recently Plymouth University came up with a totally unique one!We were asked to attend the university as part of an event to encourage students to sign up to vote in the general election.We travel far and wide and Devon is such a beautiful place to visit especially the University grounds!

We arrived at to provide Laser Tag for Plymouth University and set up our Laser Tag on the Roof on the student union on a glorious sunny day.Our Extreme Laser Maze is around 40ft square mobile maze, suitable for all weathers we can run all year round.It wasn’t too long before we had competitor’s going inside the laser maze to battle it out,we had added a haze to the maze to enhance the effects.The haze which is similar to fog and enables the laser beam to be seen all-over the maze.

We use a 10 gun system which means anything up to 10 players can play at any one time.With a number of different gaming options you will never get bored!The guns are designed to be used by almost anyone,with a hand on each sensor you are good play!We have had children as youn as 2 or 3 right up to grandparents!After a quick demonstration and health and saftey instuction the students were eager to get inside!We had a great day on a glorious day in Devon and by the time we finished lot of students had signed up to vote and battled it out in the maze.

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