Laser Tag Special Offer

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Laser Tag Special Offer

Are you Looking  for a unique birthday party idea? Using our Web offer can save  you money. For all bookings  paid in full by the end of February we will discount your event  by 10%.  Call us now on 07754680235 for more information or to book your party, alternatively contact us through our online booking form.

Extreme Laser Tag is ideal for all kinds of parties children’s and adults alike.

The Game –

We can offer a wide range of game types including solo games, elimination games, team games a vampire game and even a birthday party game! Each Phaser has its own name so that every time a hit is scored the name of the scorer is displayed on a scrolling LED Screen which is situated outside of the maze.. With individual and team scores who can be the top shot!

The Laser Phasers –

By far the most advanced laser tag guns on the market, Specially designed for the mobile system, the laser guns are highly sophisticated with many special features to enhance this exciting concept of laser tag. The guns are designed to be used in a safe two handed grip and are specially weighted and balanced to give a realistic feel. The guns are designed in a way so they will only work when operated with two hands with the aim of avoiding collisions.

The guns shoot highly accurate yet safe infra-red laser beams which are great under the effects of the fog machine The guns can be set up & run on an everyman for themselves basis or a team operations basis through varying stages of difficulty, so even if you have the shooting ability of an imperial storm trooper there will be a game to suit you best. Their clever internal speakers also produce the appropriate sound whenever you are fire, are shot, and at the end of the game.

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