Laser Tag for Year 10 Social

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Laser Tag for Year 10 Social at Comberton Village College.

On a Thursday afternoon we travelled to Comberton Village College to set up the laser maze for year 10.About 4 times a year, they have a ‘social’.Treats in the past have included discos,swimmingand a trip to Thorpe Park.We set up in the hall and blew up the laser maze and started the laser guns ready for use.The rules for using the laser maze are quite simple and straight forward:always hold with 2 hands,aim at your opponents gun to score,if you wish to leave the maze early,bash on the entrance and we will let you out……..otherwise just have a good time!I certainly think the year 10 students did just that!We were booked for 2 hours and got through an amazing amount of games with the students very keen go play.The hall echoes with the sounds of you got me and screams of excitement.At the end of our time with the students thoroughly exhausted it was time for us to pack up and leave.

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