Scouts Laser Tag in Melton Mowbray

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Scouts Laser Tag in Melton Mowbray.

On Recently the Team were going to an event for Scouts Laser Tag in Melton Mowbray. We set off early on a wet windy day and set up early. We set up the huge inflatable maze in the field and watched with anticipation as the other activities were being set up around us. Along side the all weather maze we pitched up our special gazebo and displayed our guns underneath.

Scouts Laser TagLaser Guns!

We run a 10 gun system which means that 10 players can play inside the maze at any one time. Because noises could be heard from the maze the remaing scouts were kept entertained under the gazebo, safe from the drisly wet day! The Scouts had been split into groups and sent round to each activitiy, this was a great way to ensure everyone gets a fair turn at each activity! The guns are some of the best available and have many cool features! The laser readers are in the guns themselves which means that you dont need any bulky vests or hats. There is the function to change the length of the game so we can reduce or extend this time to accomadate the group numbers and the weather!Scouts Laser Tag

Game Time!

Promtly at 10 am the first group came hurdling over and we were off! We have a number of different gaming options. Such as Team vs Team, hunt the fox and vampire infection games to name but a few! However for this event we stuck with the traditional team vs team game. In addition each gun lights up with your score and the team score is displayed after the game on the main screen! The Scouts were thrilled!

Fun Day!

We ran the games from 10am until 5pm, with a break for everyone to grab some yummy lunch! Everyone had a great but exhausting day. Alongside our Extreme Laser Maze was a climbing wall, axe throwing and even some artistic stands! Later It was generally agreed by everyone this was THE BEST DAY EVER!




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